benefits of nasal enhancers

Nasal enhancers offer a simple yet effective solution for improving breathing quality, enhancing sleep, and boosting overall well-being.

By encouraging nasal breathing, these tools help optimize oxygen intake, reduce snoring, and can significantly alleviate symptoms of sleep apnea.

Nasal strips work by gently opening the nasal passages, facilitating easier air flow, while mouth tape gently encourages breathing through the nose rather than the mouth, promoting a deeper, more restorative sleep.

over 32 peer reviewed studies into the benefit of nasal enhancers

Improves concentration, focus, memory, mood, alertness

Your blood oxygen level increases by 18% when you breathe correctly

Mouth breathing is "often misdiagnosed with ADHD as symptoms align."

proven to boost melatonin production & aid sleep apnea



Imagine this. A new day has come, you wake up feeling like a groggy slob slouching out of bed regardless of an adequate night’s sleep.  Your jarring morning breath stuns anyone in close proximity. So don’t expect any girls to stick around. You peer into the mirror to begin your morning routine. Realising the person gazing back at you looks worse off from the 8 hours of recovery we call sleep. Deep and dark bags, spiritless skin, undefined jawline and indistinct cheek bones. You dread the agenda of the long and unforgiving day ahead.

Now picture this. You have finally achieved the incredible recovery process you require. You beat the alarm to it. For the first time you have won the ability to wake before it sounds. What in the actual f*ck has happened to me. Why do I feel so incredibly and unbelievably better. Your battery is full so you have the limitless energy to leap out of bed. You don’t waste time doom scrolling and instantly start the day fresh and fruitful. Looking into the mirror this time around, you look alive again, you look great, you look amazing. You cannot wait to tackle the wins and woes of the world within the day ahead. WHY?


You have unlocked the ability to breathe properly, simple as that.

You will thank us, and your nose. NO. You will praise us, and your nose.

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