Meet The Team

Gabriel: Founder & CEO

Gabriel comes from a sporting background having spent most of his life playing Football (round ball) but has since made the transition over to powerlifting. His passions reside not only in fitness and nutrition but also Economics and Finance. Having a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Economics from Monash University under his belt, the technical aspects of the business are sure to be held in good stead. In Gabriel’s spare time, you can find him cleaning his collection of aquariums or in the sauna.

Louis: Founder & COO

Louis also comes from a sporting context in the form of Football (egg ball). He currently plays at senior level and engages with a power bodybuilding regime. Other interests of Louis’ include animals, finance, and cars. Louis currently studies a Bachelor of Business at La Trobe University which will also aid the business in its operation. In his spare time, you can find him browsing the stock market or at the stables putting his horse through its paces.

Poe Wun Lee: Technology & Workflow Manager 

With his exposure from tech consultancy, analytics and programming, Poe has gained a special interest in helping businesses achieve more with technology and optimisation of workflows. Poe graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering. In Poe's spare time, you can find him at a rock climbing gym, singing and playing chess

Angus Cowan: Email Marketing Manager 

Angus has an E-commerce background and specialises in email marketing. He is a massive rugby league fan and has a passion for bodybuilding. This year will see Angus graduate from the University of Queensland with a Bachelors degree in Commerce majoring in accounting and finance.

Jordan Hesse: Software Developer

Studying a Bachelor of Computer Science at Monash University Jordan's skills in programming and all things technical have been able to assist NineToFive with developing backend software to increase user engagement and in turn expand the reach of NineToFive. In his spare time Jordan enjoys watching AFL, riding his bike, and going to the gym.

Jasper Dryen: General Legal Advisor


Studying a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Commerce at Monash University Jasper manages the legal side of NineToFive. In his spare time Jasper enjoys going to the gym, riding his bike, and hitting the sauna.